For children and adults with complex health needs
Welcome to Choice Home Healthcare

We are an experienced community-based healthcare provider, specialising in the:

  • transition of patients from hospital to home
  • provision of clinical support and respite care for technology-dependent children and adults in their own home or community facility.

Advances in both medical technology and healthcare have improved the outcome for many children with congenital abnormalities, patients with chronic illnesses and those with injury related conditions. Long term technology-dependent support is an increasingly and often high cost requirement for children and adults who may have a wide range of health related conditions and whose care requirements span the entire spectrum from simple to complex.

Choice Home Healthcare is an expert provider of respiratory rehabilitation, long-term home ventilation support services for children and adults, and tracheostomy care and management.

We specialise in a wide range of tailored clinical services, supporting some of the most challenging aspects of providing safe and high quality care in a normal and loving environment, in the comfort and convenience of the patient’s own home.